01/05/2022 Covid-19 Close Contact Services, latest updates…

As from 1st May 2022, I will no longer wear a mask when treating clients and will therefore not expect clients to wear them either. Hygiene is still paramount (as has always been the case in close contact services) and we will continue to clean communally touched surfaces in the room between appointments minimising the risk of cross-contamination. If clients feel more comfortable wearing masks and/or would like me to wear one whilst I'm treating them, that of course is fine. Please inform me when booking or upon arrival to your appointment.


The latest Covid-19 working information is detailed below. Please also read the section relevant to where you are having treatment, as this contains information regarding parking, payment, etc. (I know it’s tedious, but it saves me (often limited) time trying to find/direct people, etc, so PLEASE READ EVERYTHING!;))


Please do not attend your appointment if you are testing positive for Covid, even if you are vaccinated. Despite relaxing policies on mask-wearing I am still keen to avoid catching Covid and being self-employed, have time off work! I appreciate your understanding in helping me to maintain financial buoyancy with my small business, especially in the current climate:)


  • If you have a detailed medical history and/or specific issues or concerns that you would like to discuss, please let me know prior to treatment if possible. This helps me to minimise consultation time, enabling me time to clean between appointments. Extensive consultations may eat into your treatment time.

  • Where possible, we will continue to ventilate rooms via an open window, to refresh the air. Rooms will be kept warm for client comfort during treatment.

  • Please let me know immediately if you feel unwell for any reason before your appointment so we can reschedule. PLEASE DO NOT COME FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT IF YOU HAVE COVID, even if you are vaccinated. Cancellation policies will be ‘relaxed’ in the event of illness ONLY. However, I operate a 24-hour cancellation policy and if you fail to show for an appointment or cancel within 12 hours you will be expected to pay 100% of the price of the original booking. If you cancel within 24 hours and I cannot fill the appointment, you will be charged 50% of the original booking to cover room rents/lost income. Missed appointments incur additional costs to me in room rent, lost work, parking and my time, etc (& are extremely inconvenient and annoying!)

  • Please let me know prior to your appointment if you are living with someone testing positive for COVID-19, even if you are fully vaccinated. I will reschedule your appointment.

  • If you contract or develop any Covid-19 symptoms within a few days of your appointment, please let me know.


Once you have booked an appointment, please read the relevant section below (depending on where you are having treatment) so you know exactly what you need to bring/do, where to park, etc.

Information for treatment at The Blue Lotus Therapy Centre

We have no card-paying facilities at the Blue Lotus, so please bring cash.


We are still not using our waiting room so please park at the back of the Blue Lotus. We are hoping to open the waiting room soon - I will keep clients informed when they book.

Take the first right turning off the drive (past the turning for the house to your left), then park in front of the building immediately to your left.

There is a large sign on the wall saying

'Blue Lotus Client Parking'.

Please park with consideration for others so we can accommodate as many clients' cars as possible.


More parking can be found by continuing past the back of the centre & taking the first right (sharp) turn. Continue to the bottom & park anywhere there. There is a break in the wall that you can walk through to the back of the centre. 

Wait in your car until I come out to get you.

(If you're in the overflow carpark, text to let me know & I will walk over to get you at your appointment time).

For directions and/or information, please also visit the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre website

Information for treatment at The Attic Cellar Treatment Rooms

We are still not using our waiting room, so please arrive no more than 5-10 mins early, as you may have to stand and wait outside.

When you arrive, please come in through the door and wait downstairs in the foyer.

Ring the bell on the stairs if nobody comes out to greet you.

For more information, please also visit the

Attic Cellar Treatment Rooms website.

There is no parking at the Attic Cellar and the streets are extremely narrow. If you are driving, please set your sat nav to the car park address.

St Ives gets extremely busy during the holiday season, so please allow plenty of time for travel/parking. When busy, we will not be able to accommodate you if you run late, but you will still be expected to pay for the full treatment booked.

For information on parking in St Ives, visit https://www.stives-cornwall.co.uk/discover/good-to-know/parking

Information for mobile visits

I have restricted how many mobile visits I do, so please contact me if you would like treatment at home and I will confirm if I can do it.

I carry my massage couch for mobile visits and will only consider visiting properties where I can park directly outside or have easy access.

I will ideally require access to a sink, soap and either a clean towel or kitchen towel so that I can wash my hands before and after treatment.

I do not supply towels, so clients can use their own bedding, blankets, cushions or pillows to lie on/cover themselves and be comfortable.

If possible, please ventilate the room I will be treating you in via an open window, leaving doors ajar, etc

If possible, please only allow household members that I will be treating to enter the room during my visit and ideally, only the person I am treating whilst I am working.